Nick Payne’s Incognito Dates for London and Newcastle

The Bush Theatre in London has announced that Nick Payne’s new play Incognito will form part of its 2014 season. Joe Murphy will direct the production which runs between 14 May and 21 June 2014, after premiering at the High Tide Festival in April.

In addition to featuring a plot about the theft of Einstein’s brain during his autopsy in 1955, Incognito also deals with Henry M, whose neurosurgery for epilepsy in 1957 permitted new insights into the nature of memory. A third theme about a modern day neuropsychologist facing the breakdown of her marriage completes a trio of interwoven tales.

There will also be previews of Incognito at the Live Theatre in Newcastle 3-5 April 2014 followed by a full production later the same month.



Best Actor Nomination for BBC Radio Copenhagen

Simon Russell Beale has been nominated for Best Actor in an Audio Drama for his portrayal of Neils Bohr in last year’s BBC Radio 3 adaption of Copenhagen. The winners of the BBC Audio Drama Awards will be announced at a ceremony in the BBC Radio Theatre in London on Sunday 26th January.

Copenhagen was adapted and directed by Emma Harding and was broadcast in January 2013. Benedict Cumberbatch played Werner Heisenberg and Greta Scacchi played Bohr’s wife Margrethe in the 90 minute audio version of Michael Frayn’s classic play.

Beale is up against Lee Ross and Joseph Millson in the Best Actor category, which is being judged by journalist and presenter Libby Purves, actor and writer Ruth Jones and gossip columnist Baz Bamigboye.

Festival of Science Plays in Florida

An Experiment With An Air Pump by Shelagh Stephenson and Photograph 51 by Anna Zeigler both feature in a festival of ‘science plays’ being held in Orlando, Florida this weekend. Mad Cow Theatre are giving rehearsed readings of four plays under the overall direction of Denise Gillman between 10th and 12th of January.

The Science Play Festival
The Science Play Festival

Photograph 51 deals with Rosalind Franklin’s oft overlooked contributions to the discovery of the structure of DNA in 1953 and is named after the famous X-ray crystallography photo that provided vital evidence for the breakthrough.

An Experiment With An Air Pump uses Joseph Wright’s 18th century painting of an enlightenment scientist giving a demonstration to entranced onlookers as inspiration for a play set over two time periods.

An adaption for of Bill Bryson’s book A Short History of Nearly Everything by Lauren Gunderson and Lucas Hnath’s play about Isaac Newton, Isaac’s Eye, complete the bill of four staged readings.