Proof Proliferates in the States

On the 5th May 2013 theatregoers in the USA will be able to choose from no less than five different productions of David Auburn’s Proof.

The Hershey Area Playhouse in Pennsylvania is putting on Proof between 25th April and 5th May. Meanwhile, Proof will also be performed at the Bishop Connolly Black Box Theatre in Fall River, Massachusetts on 3rd-5th May and at the the Hoogland Center for the Arts in Springfield, Illinois on the same dates.

For those on the West Coast of the US, Humbolt State University are performing Proof in Arcata, California from 2nd-5th May and it’s also on at The Hayworth Theatre in Los Angeles until 12th May.

In the UK, the recent Menier Chocolate Factory production of Proof will be at Bath’s Theatre Royal from 29th April to 4th May 2103.

Is this cluster of Proofs a statistical fluke or is there method behind the mathematics?

Doing the Maths – Three New Productions of David Auburn’s Proof

David Auburn’s 2001 Pulitzer Prize winning play Proof depicts the relationship between a mathematics professor, his daughter and a PhD student. In the coming weeks a new production opens in London and two productions will be staged in the USA, making March 2013 the month to catch Proof on stage.

Previews of the Menier Chocolate Factory theatre’s production of Proof begin in London on the 14 March 2013, where it runs until the 27 April. Director Polly Findlay was recently profiled in the Evening Standard.

Proof is set in the Hyde Park area of Chicago, which also happens to be where the Court Theatre will be staging the play between 7th March and 7th April 2013, directed by Charles Newell. The Peter’s Alley Theatre Company will also be performing Proof between 15th and 30th March at the Theatre on the Run in Arlington, Virginia, USA.