The Curtain Rises on StageScite

There are a growing number of plays that integrate some element of science, mathematics or the history of science. Some have been around for a while and are well-known and frequently discussed such as Michael Frayn’s ‘Copenhagen’ or Tom Stoppard’s ‘Arcadia’. Others are by new or emerging writers, staged for the first time in small fringe venues, seeking fresh audiences and recognition.

At StageScite we aim to draw attention to dramatic productions that integrate scientific themes or scientists. Mathematics, engineering and medicine are fair game too as well as plays about historical characters.

StageScite is based in the UK but new plays are being written and staged all over the world so please let us know about your new projects, plays and reviews or join the discussion about the classics.

The audience are seated and the house lights are dimmed so let’s raise the curtain on the opening scenes of StageScite.